Sink or Swim

Re Sink or Swim Daily Challenge

Have you ever been left alone to fend for yourself in an overwhelming situation?

I remember the panic I experienced when I knew I was, and how helpless I felt. I was young, really young – young enough that I hadn’t learned to swim – and I’d just exited a waterslide. It was one of those slides you go down on a blue matt and then plop out into a pool. Well, I plopped out, and still sitting on the matt, started to sink. The water level quickly rose above the matt, and my panic level immediately followed it. I looked desperately at my father for help, but none was forthcoming. I couldn’t understand. I was DROWNING! How could he just stand there looking blankly at me? I couldn’t swim!

Moments later, when through the matt my butt felt the hugely reassuring bump of the hard bottom of the pool, I finally understood why. The twenty inches of water taught me a valuable lesson: if you feel like you’re drowning, don’t panic – you’re probably just stupid.

Sink or Swim

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