When Keeping Resolutions is Weak

Re Resolved Daily Challenge

When I spend a day snowboarding, I’m liable to fall. In fact, I very nearly intend to.

I’ve snowboarded for years. When I was 7, I began to toboggan standing, as sitting had lost its charm. Then my father told me about snowboarding. It sounded great. It was great. I could continue to challenge myself in perpetuity. And with each challenge was the risk of a fall. In fact, I came to realize that falling was an inevitable consequence of pushing myself. If I went the whole day without falling, I knew I’d “wussed out”.

I like to think that the same should apply to resolutions. If you’re keeping them, you must not be giving yourself hard ones.

-And that, my friends, is how you can use a post-hoc analysis to feel better about your failures.


When Keeping Resolutions is Weak

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