Provenance of an Android Fanatic

Re Unpopular Daily Challenge: “Goal: write about a time you had to pick between two choices, and you picked the unpopular one”.

This post is the unpopular one.

I was recently asked by a middle-aged man where babies come from. I told him the truth – “In your case, I’d hope for a stork” – but I knew what he really meant.

He meant iPhone users.

Now before you furiously touch all parts of your screen trying to exit this without pressing your one button, know that I do understand you. In fact, I appreciate you. It’s cute. It’s hip. Mostly, it is a fair declaration to all: “I am not the type of person you’d want to trust to bag your groceries.” In the old days, to achieve the same effect, one had to wear a tricornered “Dunce Cap”. With technology’s continued progression, we’ve miniaturized it, made it elegant, and even added a virtual assistant capable of calling people whose names sound just like that of the person you tried to call. In fact, I even briefly saw someone go on the Interwebz on one (until the adorable little battery gave out – though to be fair it was over 20min since it’d been charged).

Now where did such a mindset come from? And what alternative is the author into?

Source: I find that when everyone around me is obsessed with something and trying to sell me on it before I’ve developed any interest in the topic, it acts as a buffer between me and said topic, preventing me from developing any interest in it on my own. Such was the case with the iPhone, hence my instinctive dislike. Such was the case with Armin van Buuren, who I now find annoying to hear. And such was the case with Breaking Bad – this I know I’m missing out on.

Android is the alternative. Not an alternative, mind you, but the alternative. And I don’t love Google any more than Apple. I did, by the way, but Google lost me as a fan after making Google+ signup automatic and with huge privacy issues, and losing their motto (and parallel motivation) “Do no harm”. Apple had my support after my aging and oft-dropped MacBook Pro made it into its fifth year of function.

Provenance of an Android Fanatic

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